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Thursday, 29 October 2015

CRS Technologies Proudly presents Mobile Application for Channel Manager

CRS technologies India Pvt Ltd has recently made announcement about the launch of the Mobile Apps of its ground-breaking software technology WebCRS Channel Manager, also known as WebCRS Travel Portal Manager.

An innovative technology for management of online distribution channels in the Hospitality industry, WebCRS Channel Manager (Travel Portal Manager) from CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd helps the accommodation service providers, of different type and size in/with effective hotel online distribution and sales, via Online Travel Agencies (OTA) and third-party hotel booking sites.

WebCRS Hotel Channel Management System helps the hoteliers connect to online distribution channels, enabling them manage the booking extranets (OTA management) from a single interface with less effort and time.

Speaking about the WebCRS Channel Manager MobileApps, for OTA management and Hotel distributions, the Director at CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd, Anna George said, “With this mobile application, the hoteliers would be able to have better control of their electronic distribution.”

WebCRS Channel Manager (Travel Portal Manager) has been transforming the way, the accommodation service providers manage their properties and/or the online hotel distribution channels, to improve the business performance and outcomes.

For queries and consultation related to WebCRS Travel Portal Manager (Channel Management System), contact CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd at

Monday, 26 October 2015

How to win back Direct Guests from OTA’s

Hoteliers its time that you win back your direct guests.
Hoteliers think that it is a very difficult task to get direct guests when compared to the guests coming from OTA’s. They imagine that a huge amount of money has to be spend in terms of online advisement to be at par with the OTA’s. But the fact is that by just being creative and optimizing your rates and availability you can get direct guests and increase your profit.

Here are some ways to win back your direct customers.

1.    Create a Direct booking button on your Website
Get a direct booking facility on the website with option to make online payments through credit cards, debit cards or   net banking. If it is for a hotel chain then give the direct guest to create his/her own packages by selecting the destinations, properties, room types and activities. Also give  give them facility to book cabs and add on services, which cannot be offered by the OTA’s

2.    Give promotions to guest booking through OTA’s      

When a guest has come through any channel other than direct booking give him a promotional incentive for his next booking which can either be a 10% discount or a complementary wifi or complementary pick up . This will make the guest to book directly with the hotel for the next time or he would refer anyone to take this promotion    

3.    Direct booking Incentives

Always incentivize your direct guest with any kind of extra services at the time of check out like offering a fruit basket or giving a direct discount on the booking for the next reservation, which will improve the direct bookings.


Hoteliers have more profit from the direct guests when compared to other channels so encourage hotel staff to boost the direct booking so that better revenue and better profits are made.  Give special training to hotel staff so that they concentrate more on the direct bookings and educate them about  the benefits they also gain for bringing in more direct guests.

At WebCRS, we provide solutions to increase the direct bookings of hotels by automating the whole process of sales and reservations. Our central reservation software has the capability of revenue management, promotional activities for the hotels as well as also distribute the inventory to any other distribution channels. For more details and demo of the product visit

Monday, 19 October 2015

Gain Business Control, Increase Traffic, Boost Online Sales and Maximize Business Profits with WebCRS

        With lots of online hotel booking sites and portals easily available online, finding a hotel/accommodation facility of one's choice is not a big task, anymore. People look for the best travel deals and packages, to save money. And the online travel agencies and third-party hotel booking sites come first thing in their mind, whenever they want to do hotel bookings or need help with itineraries and travel packages.

Thus, the hoteliers (that want to create/draw traffic to their business) should ascertain that they are tapping all the online hotel booking channels for attracting/getting visitors to improve sales leads and conversions, rather sticking on to their hotel website.

In order to increase online traffic, boost sales - the hoteliers should think about using a central reservation system with integrated booking engine and hotel channel management system. And thegroundbreaking WebCRShotel reservation software from CRS Technologies India Pvt is one of the kind, with rich features and easy to plug-in modules and add-ons.

The benefit of using an online hotel reservation system like WebCRS is that the hoteliers can manage their properties, hotel inventories/rates, suppliers/contracts and more in a hassle-free manner. Using the (centralized) WebCRS online hotel system, they can connect better to online distribution/booking channels to increase site traffic and simplify the hotel booking and reservation process for clients/customers, with less effort and time.

With WebCRS online hotel reservation software, the hoteliers can automate business process/workflow and increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. Using the integrated travel portal manager (hotel channel manager), they can do effective hotel online distribution and manage online travel agencies and third-party hotel booking sites, the better.The WebCRS central reservation system brings down the connectivity cost to hotel booking channels and travel sites and help the hoteliers distribute inventories, rates and optimize availability on a real-time basis for increased web traffic, sales volume and business revenues.

The WebCRS onlinehotel reservation system with incorporated (hotel booking software and) channel management system ascertains that the hoteliers get to maintain rate parity across the online distribution channels (hotel booking sites and portals) with a click of the button and have confirmed reservations always, avoiding the hotel overbooking issues.

Through the central reservation software and by applying revenue management rules, the hoteliers can dynamically control their rates and inventory, seasonally by evaluating market demand, the traffic generated through online channels and assessing the buying behavior of consumers.

With the WebCRS online hotel reservation system, the hoteliers can have a bird's eye-view of different aspects of business, boost online sales by directly selling via the hotel booking engine and get traffic also through hotel distribution channels.

Thus, the hoteliers that have been using a different hospitality management system (or managing a business with outmoded/less advanced systems) from multiple vendors to run a business, can consider WebCRS online hotel reservation system to gain full control of their business and to centralize the reservation/booking process for improving performance and yield.

For more information on WebCRS, please contact CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd at

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Why hoteliers should forecast Market demand and dynamically control the Rate?

Revenue management in hotel industry is important, considering various distribution platform available in the market, today. When the hoteliers do business in a perfectly competitive industry, they have to carefully determine their prices in the market.

Hoteliers can increase room occupancy rates and enhance business profits only when they have competitive rates. Captive product pricing can help hoteliers drive customers better, this can be done only by constant evaluation of the market and fine tune ones own business strategy.

By forecasting the demand and evaluating the pricing strategies, hoteliers can dynamically control rates. This way, they can ascertain higher room occupancy rates and increased business profits.

With a dynamic pricing strategy, the hoteliers can control the rates of their properties for different periods and seasons. By forecasting demand well in advance, the hoteliers can allocate rooms at their convenience. They can hide/block (hold back) certain rooms, limit/restrict visibility on different online travel portals and third-party booking sites for a specific period and release the properties, only when the demand is very high. In this manner, with higher demand the hoteliers can quote higher price for their properties and generate more revenue.

By estimating demand, the hoteliers can even create special rates, discounts, packages and offers for the early/advance bookers for improving customer engagement rate and in creating brand loyalty.

In order to increase the occupancy rates, most hoteliers try to sell their unsold inventories/properties for lower cost and incur loss. However, by forecasting demand in advance, the hoteliers need not sell their unsold inventories at less cost, any more. Through the revenue management tool incorporated to the hotel's property management system, the hoteliers can monitor and track the market competitors, their pricing strategies and also analyze the buying behaviour of customers. The hoteliers can identify the factors that influence the buying decision of customers and extend competitive rates, based on preferences (willingness to pay measures) and seasonality.

With hotel revenue management system, the hoteliers can do effective competitor price comparison. They can evaluate their old pricing policies and based on the market demand, alter and devise a better pricing strategy. By knowing, what the future holds one can plan and make better decisions and hotel revenue management tool is one such that helps the hoteliers have a look into the future, to plan things in a better way.

And the hoteliers that want to gain a competitive edge in the market should delay no further in adopting the right 'competitive analysis and revenue management tools', for their business. WebCRS from CRS Technologies India Pvt Ltd has been helping the hoteliers with effective market intelligence, yield and revenue management on real time basis. It gives hoteliers a competitive edge in forecasting the demand and apply revenue management rules in real time

With WebCRS, the hoteliers determine better product prices in the each distribution channel and ensure increased profit margins. WebCRS has been transforming the way, the hoteliers do business today.

For more information on WebCRS, visit or write to